Different types of Thigh Lift Procedures offered by Dr. Siamak Agha

Who benefits from thigh liposuction only?

Thigh liposuction may be sufficient for people who’s thigh skin is not damaged by sun, smoking, ageing, or weight loss.  In these patients the thigh skin has no stretch marks and has retained its elasticity.  Following liposuction, the deflated thigh skin will be able to contract well over muscles, reflecting the definition of your muscles.  However, for those with thigh skin laxity and/or stretch marks, thigh liposuction will not be a suitable procedure since it can worsen the skin laxity.

Different types of thigh lift

There are several types of thigh lifts, each of which differs according to incision pattern.

Upper inner (medial) thigh lift

This thigh lift surgery involves incisions in the groin crease. This is the most popular type of thigh lift procedure. It is best suited for people with a moderate amount of skin and fat in this area. With this procedure, Dr. Agha removes the excess inner thigh tissue and lifts up the thigh skin and tissue towards the groin incision.  The groin crease is then meticulously reconstructed.

Vertical thighplasty

Individuals with more significant fat and loose thigh skin may require a vertical thighplasty. This procedure is best suited for those who have significant horizontal laxity of the thigh region.  A vertical thighplasty involves a vertical incision that starts at the groin crease and extends to the inner knee. The scar is visible when the inner thighs are exposed such as while you are wearing a bathing suit or mini-skirt. During a vertical thigh lift, Dr. Agha removes a significant amout of skin from the inner thigh.

Outer thigh lift

An outer thigh lift requires an incision that extends from the groin around the hip.   Through this incision, the outer thigh tissue is undermined carefully using specialized instruments.  The outer thigh tissue is then lifted and deep sutures are placed to keep the thigh at a higher position.  An outer thigh lift is typically performed in combination with a circumferential tummy tuck, buttock lift, or lower body lift procedure.

Spiral thigh lift

The spiral thigh lift is a new procedure that was developed by Drs. Agha and Hurwitz.  The procedure has been presented by Dr. Agha in the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s meeting (2010) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (2010).  The spiral thigh lift is a powerful lift procedure that targets the front, back, and inner aspects of the thigh. The incision starts below the buttock fold and continues within the groin crease at the junction of the thigh and pubic area. Through this spiral incision, excess thigh tissue of back, inner, and front of the thighs are removed.

Combination thigh lift surgery

Sometimes, several types of thigh lift surgeries are performed at the same time. The type of the thigh lift or combination of thigh lifts that is right for you depends on a number of factors, including:

  • How much fat and skin need to be removed
  • Your skin quality
  • The areas to be treated
  • Your doctors expertise and experience
  • Your preferences.

Thigh lifts can also be performed in combination with other procedures such as a lower body lift and liposuction.


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