Thigh Lift Surgery in Los Angeles

Where will your thigh lift procedure be performed?

Thigh lift surgery can be done in an ambulatory surgery center.  Dr. Agha has staff privilege to operate either at accrediated surgery centers or one of the local hospitals.  The choice of hospital versus surgery center is determined by your medical health.  For most healthy patients, the surgery is completed in a surgery center.

What kind of planning is involved with your thigh lift surgery?

Before your thigh lift procedure, Dr. Agha will see you again to review the plan of surgery one last time.  He will then design your procedure and mark the incisions on your thigh. You will then receive a dose of antibiotics before the start of your anesthesia and thigh lift surgery.

What type of anesthesia do you need for thigh lift surgery?

Typically for most thigh lift procedures, general anesthesia is most comfortable for the patient.  However, it is possible to perform thigh lift surgery under epidural or sedation.

Where will your thigh lift incision be placed?

The standard thigh lift procedure uses an incision that is either placed on the inside of your thigh from your groin to the inner knee or within the groin crease. After the incision is made, excess fat and skin are then trimmed carefully.

Does Dr. Agha perform thigh liposuction with thigh lift surgery?

Often Dr. Agha employs thigh liposuction to lighten the thigh or to sculpt the thigh contour during a thigh lift procedure.

What kind of sutures are used for your thigh lift surgery by Dr. Agha?

Once excess thigh tissue and skin are excised, Dr. Agha will place deep permanent stitches to tighten and lift the thigh.  Next a second and third layer of suturing will ensure further tightening and optimal scar quality. Dr. Agha prefers using sutures that will be dissolved for the last two layers.

Will drains be needed for thigh lift surgery?

Typically, Dr. Agha does not use a drain for thigh lift surgery.  Up to now, Dr. Agha has performed several hundred thigh lift procedures without the need for using any drains.

How to care post-operatively for your thigh lift surgery

You will be given a prescription for pain relief and antibiotics at your pre-operative appointment.  Dr. Agha will want you to continue wearing ACE bandages to your thighs for several days to provide stability and decrease swelling. Dr. Agha will advise you not to lift or strain in any way. You may temporarily experience reduced sensation in the area but normal sensation should return as the healing process continues over the following months. To learn more, visit our thigh lift recovery (Link to Page 8)

When can you resume work?

You will be able to return to work within 14 to 18 days after your thigh lift surgery, and should be able to continue normal activities in approximately 1 month.

You may have temporary reduced sensation in the area but normal sensation should return as the healing process takes place and will continue over the following months.

What kind of result can you expect from a thigh lift surgery?

Following the surgery, you will immediately notice tighter, firmer, and smoother thighs.  There will be no excess thigh tissue or skin and the thigh contour will be well balanced in relation to your buttocks and lower body.

Can you combine thigh lift surgery with other plastic surgery procedures?

Yes. Typically more and more patients are electing to have multiple procedures performed at one setting.  This will save the patient money on fees related to anesthesia and operating room.  Also, most patients prefer to take time-off once to recuperate from several procedures rather than multiple times.  Thigh lift surgery can be safely combined with any other plastic surgery procedure.


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